Qualcomm Is Gearing To Battle Apple As New CEO Wants Better Laptop Chips

Popular for making smartphone chips, Qualcomm is planning on going head to head with Apple Inc. in a battle of who makes better chips. Qualcomm is a well-established contender in the race of who makes the best chips for smartphones. The San Diego, California-based multinational company is seriously considering expanding beyond making chips for smartphones into making chips for laptops.

Apple launched its indigenous chips for its Macbooks shortly after breaking up with Intel. Intel, which Apple had relied on for chips, would no longer provide the tech giant with these chips it needed. Apple’s chip is called M1 chip and has been reported to be faster and energy-efficient. Apple’s M1 chip series is reportedly the best chip for laptops, and not even other chipmakers such as Intel, AMD, etc., have been able to come up with chips that can compare to Apple’s M1 and unlike other chips that are available to different computer brands, the M1 chip is made exclusively for Apple’s Macbook products.

Qualcomm’s CEO – Cristiano Amon said that the company could make a chip that could beat Apple’s M1 chip. He mentioned that the company could produce its silicone chips that can compete against Apple’s M1 chip thanks to a team of engineers who previously worked at Apple. He, therefore, thinks it is time to stand up to Apple by making its own chip. Qualcomm needs “custom-designed chips if its customers were to rival new laptops from Apple”, he said.

Qualcomm’s recent acquisition Nuvia, founded by a group of former Apple engineers could be the answer to winning this battle. Qualcomm plans on starting production of laptop chips based on Nuvia’s technology in 2022. It will be quite interesting to see how Qualcomm pulls this off.

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