Reddit Launches Its Clubhouse Clone, Reddit Talk Just As Facebook Plans Its Own

Audio-based social networking features are fast becoming a thing since the launch of audio-based social interaction platform Clubhouse about a year ago. Since then, many social networking platforms have begun integrating their own version of Clubhouse on their platforms. On Monday, Reddit officially unveiled Reddit Talk which is its own Clubhouse clone. According to a recent report from Mashable, Reddit has been developing its own audio-based social networking features.

Many of the Clubhouse clones have mostly developed on the original Clubhouse idea. There are no many differences in their clones and the original Clubhouse platform. Reddit’s audio-chat experience is not totally different from Clubhouse’s where speakers sit at the top of the screen in a stage-like area and listeners appear below, all with their profiles shown in rounded icons with tools to enable them ‘raise a hand’ to speak or simply react. Reddit Talk and Clubhouse are very similar but according to TechCrunch, there is a little difference. The report by TechCrunch reads “…in Reddit’s case, however, it repurposed this Clubhouse-style format for its own communities, known as subreddits. Initially, Reddit Talk will live with subreddits, which are individual forums focused on a given topic or theme. Those community’s moderators will be the only ones able to talk for the time being, as the audio feature is still being tested”.

TechCrunch’s report also mentioned that “these moderators will be given tools that allow them invite users to join, mute participants, and remove speakers during the live sessions. They can also ban unwanted users from the talk entirely and stop them from being able to rejoin”

Reddit acknowledged the similarities between its Reddit Talk and Clubhouse, and also explained why it has developed Reddit Talk. “Yes, there are few different platforms diving into live audio right now. Our hope is that by announcing this early with a community-first design, we will see engaging conversations hosted first by moderators, who we’ll be working with closely to ensure we’re creating a unique, supportive, and positive user experience”, the comment reply read.

“We believe that there is more to offer by letting users have real-time live voice discussions with others in the communities; maybe talking about a sporting event while it’s on TV or listening to a casual chat or AMA with field experts”, Reddit’s Product Lead for Creators wrote.

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