Jobberman’s New CEO, Rolake Rosiji Promises To Use Tech As A Weapon Against Unemployment

Jobberman is a recruitment and skill training company based in Nigeria. The company announced the appointment of its new Chief Executive Officer, Rolake Rosiji just recently. Jobberman announced this in a statement that the new Chief Executive Officer would take over from Hilda Kraghia and continue the company’s work of establishing Jobberman as the primary platform for job searching, talent acquisition and transforming workplace productivity across Nigeria.

Jobberman was founded almost twelve years ago in 2009 by three Nigerian undergraduates who wished to cater to the demand by companies for quality employees and to shorten the job search gap in the country. Since its inception, Jobberman has faced steady competition from both offline and online startups and even with this, it continues to be a source for great talents and provides job seekers with employment.

Rolake Rosiji replaces Hilda who was Jobberman’s Chief Executive Officer for about eighteen months until her appointment as Managing Director of ROAM Africa’s Jobs Across Africa in October 2020. ROAM Africa is Jobberman’s parent company. It acquired Jobberman in 2012 and also owns various online marketplaces across the continent of Africa. Since Jobberman was acquired by ROAM Africa in 2012, it has transcended from what it was founded as in 2009 to a company pushed principally by the very strategic and purposeful goals of its parent company.

The problem of creating a channel for startups and established companies in Nigeria to meet incredible talents and potential employers has not been fully eradicated despite the global increase in job-to-talent platforms like GitHub, LinkedIn, Fiverr, etc. ROAM Africa’s CEO Clemens Weitz said in an interview that he doesn’t believe that international one-size-fits-all solutions are a good fit for African markets and employers. Thus, Jobberman’s reason for standing on its toes.

Rolake Rosiji worked as the manager for asset-financing platform; M-KOPA in Nigeria. The company carries out its operations in Nigeria and East Africa.

As Jobberman’s new Chief Executive Officer, Rolake Rosiji is charged with the onus of actualizing Jobberman’s ambitions to deepen the use of tech in solving unemployment challenges in Nigeria.

Rolake Rosiji said that she looks forward to steering the company’s vision to build a market of greater technology adoption, democratic access and transparency that will tackle dominant challenges, notably youth unemployment and underemployment’. Broadening the impact beyond the white-collar space and continue to work closely with Jobberman’s impact partners in tackling youth unemployment in Nigeria is what Jobberman describes the new Chief Executive Officer’s focus as. One of those partners Rolake Rosiji is to work with in bringing the company’s dream to life is the Mastercard Foundation with whom Jobberman aims to upskill five million young Nigerians in the period of five years.

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