Samsung Pay And Google Pay To Accept Cryptocurrencies

Talking about how cryptocurrency is revolutionising the world is like telling someone how to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, or use their eyes to see. Cryptocurrency is fast becoming a culture; a way of life for payments, saving, investing, etc. Cryptocurrency is creeping into basically everything and it is not doing slowly.

BitPay is bringing it’s service to Google Pay and Samsung Pay and will enable Android users to carry out transactions on these platforms using cryptocurrency.

Google Pay and Samsung Pay allow users to pay for services using a debit or credit card but now, with BitPay, these platforms will soon be able to accept payment in cryptocurrency.

BitPay announced that is bringing what the company called BitPay Card to Google Pay and Samsung Pay. The idea behind this is that Android users will be able to make payment with their BitPay Card just like a regular debit or credit card using cryptocurrencies that are allowed on BitPay’s platform.

Currently BitPay’s wallet supports the world-famous Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), USD Coin, Binance USD, and a host of others.

When paying for services on the Google Pay or Samsung Pay platforms using the BitPay Card, cryptocurrencies will automatically be converted into regular currency. Therefore, customers will be able to utilize their BitPay Card wherever Mastercard debit payments are taken. Just recently, Mastercard announced that cryptocurrencies would be transacted on its platform.

BitPay announced in a statement that ‘support for Google Pay and Samsung Pay is planned for later this quarter’. No specific date was said but it is quite pertinent to know that this development has reached Apple Pay, therefore Android users are to expect that it would be available on Google Pay and Samsung Pay soon.

It is beautiful to see how cryptocurrency is slowly but gradually being incorporated into the different aspects of our lives . It is just a matter of time before every single thing we need money for get replaced by cryptocurrency.

BitPay is not the first crypto service to integrate its services with a mobile payment platform. In March last year, Coinbase made it known to the public that it’s Coinbase card could be used on Google Pay to make payments. BitPay will also not be the last cryptocurrency service to integrate it’s services with payment platforms.

The future is really one to look forward to with cryptocurrency. The evolution, future and democracy of money is finally here at our doorsteps.

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