Shares Of Adobe Slide 10 Percent On Reduced Forecast Following The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Shares of computer software company Adobe fell about 10 percent on Wednesday following reduced expectations for the fiscal year following the current realities (the Russia-Ukraine conflict) which have made it stop its operations in Russia. The company lowered its guidance for the fiscal year in order to take account of how its decision to halt sales in Russia would affect its business.

The company announced its decision to halt new sales in Russia on the 4th of March. A handful of other global companies including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Apple, Google, etc., also joined in halting sales and operations in Russia following sanctions and as a way of showing solidarity to Ukraine.

Adobe its fiscal first-quarter earnings earlier this week. The company says it will be reducing its forecast for annual recurring revenue by $75 million for the fiscal year of 2022 because of its decision to halt sales in Russia.

The company will continue to sell products in Ukraine, although it reduced its expected Digital Media ARR in the country by an additional $12 million which brings the total cut to $87 million.

Adobe is forecasting revenue for the fiscal year to come in at $4.34 billion.

Following the lowering of its numbers, Analysts have also lowered theirs in response. Analysts from firms including Deutsche Bank and Piper Sandler reduced their price targets on the stock in response to Adobe’s updated numbers. Deutsche analysts adjusted their price target to $575 from $660, and Piper Sandler to $545 from $600.

The development makes it the second time in the last three months that the computer software company will be suffering a double-digit drop.

Last year, in December, the company’s shares dropped after the company posted its first-quarter forecast. On Wednesday, during mid-day, Adobe’s stock plunged about 39 percent from its all-time high in November to $420.31.

Irrespective of its guidance, the company revenue for its fiscal first-quarter surpassed the expectations of analysts.

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