Technoking Elon Musk; Here’s How He Got The Title

Elon Musk has a new title and it is not a joke at all. Tesla Inc. has included ‘Technoking of Tesla’ to the company’s Chief Executive Officer’s list of official titles. Although the reason for Elon Musk new title was not explained, people think the reason is pretty obvious. The regulatory filing that named Elon Musk the Technoking of Tesla, also named Zachary Kirkhorn; Tesla’s Finance Chief the ‘Master of Coin’.

The World’s richest man has been influencing cryptocurrency for quite some time now. For instance, after tweeting the word ‘DOGE’ about Dogecoin, the value of the coin rose and it is currently one of the cryptocurrencies to be reckoned with. His various tweets have also influenced the value of Bitcoin over time.

The Tesla and Space X CEO recently shared a new electronic music track about a non-fungible token (NFT) and has also put it up for sale. According to Wikipedia, non-fungible tokens are unique digital file stored on a blockchain (a digital ledger), and are cryptographic token, but unlike cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and many network or utility tokens, Non-fungible tokens are not mutually interchangeable, i.e., not fungible.

According to a tweet that said, ‘I’m selling this song about NFT as an NFT’, and had a short video that showed a golden trophy embellished with coins and dog figurines accompanied by a pulsing techno song, Elon Musk notified the public of his intention to sell the NFT song as an NFT.

Non-fungible tokens have become popular as a result of the global pandemic. This happened because digital token investors and investors all wanted to spend huge sums of money on items that existed online, thus creating a market for NFTs to thrive.

Elon Musk truly deserves the title of Technoking as he is one of the major influences, if not the major influence on cryptocurrency and the digital space as a whole. Early last month, Tesla purchased Bitcoin worth $1.5 billion and since then, Bitcoin has seen series of boost influenced by Tesla’s involvement and that of other global firms that have become associated with it.

You might also want to check out Chiliz, the football-based non-fungible token that has gained ground and is the 30th most valuable cryptocurrency by clicking here.

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