Tecno Promises To Push The Limit With Its Next Spark Series

One of the affordable mobile phone brands in the market; Tecno has revealed that it is ready to push limits with its imminent Tecno Spark series. The Tecno Spark series are one of the brand’s most sought after models because of its specifications. Tecno launched its Spark 5 model in Nigeria and other African markets in May last year and the model was equipped with five cameras, 5000 mAh battery and a 6.6-inch dot-in display with impressive vivid colors. The model was the first of its kind to have these specifications. Later in the same year, the Spark 6 and Spark Go models was launched for the Pakistan and Indian markets respectively.

Experts are saying that the new smartphone that is set to be released next month will be different from the rest of the other brands. Although no specifications have been released from the brand yet, phone analysts are saying that the new model will be better than its predecessors. The Spark series is known for extraordinary visual experience that it provides its users who are mostly younger people. The imminent Spark phone is also expected to give an impressive visual experience. The imminent smartphone according to phone experts and analyst will be one of the best phones in terms of specifications when compared to the price it will be going for.

Tecno is one brand that strives to meet the ever growing and dynamic needs for innovative smartphones that remain affordable. With the Spark series, what Tecno has been able to do is give users a fully packed phone that has a wide range of functions that can compete or almost compete with big brands, all for ‘shikini’ money. The new Spark phone promises to be a power packed phone that will catch the fancy of a lot of people seeking to buy a phone with good battery and functionality while not having to break the bank.

Tecno continues to thrive as one of the best smartphone brands in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. With every new release, it pushes limits and creates new standards and that is why users are not worried about the imminent Spark phone falling short. The imminent Spark phone is set to be released in about a month’s time.

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