The Next Generation Of Windows Will Be Unveiled On June 24

About a week ago, during the Microsoft annual conference tagged Microsoft Build 2021, the company’s CEO – Satya Nadella during his keynote speech made indirect suggestions that a new Windows might be on the way. “Soon we will share one of the most significant updates to Windows of the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators. I’ve been self-hosting it over the past several months, and I’m incredibly excited about the next generation of Windows”, he said during his keynote speech at the Microsoft Build 2021.

At the Microsoft Build 2021 event, it was suggested that there was going to be a separate event for Windows and that the company would be unveiling the new Windows at the event. Microsoft has begun to send invites for an event tagged ‘Next Generation of Windows’. The event is planned for later this months and is going to be done virtually just like many events that have taken place during the ongoing pandemic. The virtual event has been announced for June 24 and will take place at 11am EST (8:30 IST) and will be streamed live on the company’s official website.

During his keynote speech at the Build event, Microsoft CEO mentioned that the next generation of Windows was going to create opportunities to developers and creators. “Our promise to you is this. We will create more opportunity for every Windows developer today and welcome every creator who is looking for the most innovative, new open platform to build and distribute and monetize application. We look forward to sharing more very soon”, he said.

The Windows event will be presented by Satya Nadella alongside Panos Panay; Chief Product Officer of the company. Microsoft is expected to unveil the new Windows at the event as well as reveal, more specifically, the changes that are to come to Windows 10 as mentioned in the Build event last month. The company confirmed at the Build event that Windows 10X, built for dual-screen will be halted and that the best features of this operating system will be added to the main version of Windows 10.

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