The NIBSS Launches Its NQR Payment Solution In Ajah Markets, To Continue Campaigns In Other Lagos Markets

The Quick Response (QR) payment option is fast becoming one of the most adopted payments options as it continues to meander its way into the paths of businesses and the hearts of these business owners. QR payments are usually available as a complementary option for other cashless options of payments. QR payments are slowly becoming a stand-alone payment option because of the handful of benefits that it provides for both end-users and business merchants. QR payment involves customers scanning a merchant’s barcode to make payments; it is devoid of typing account numbers, confirming account names, and is free from fraud.

The Nigeria Interbank Settlement System plc (NIBSS) announced the launch of its indigenous QR payment solution not too long ago and has been engaging in market campaigns to get traders, merchants, and even end-users acquainted with the payment solution. A recent campaign was done at the Oshodi Arena market where the NIBSS sensitized traders and buyers on how to use the payment solution.

The NIBSS has launched another market campaign and the recent campaign took place in Ajah market. The campaign involved helping merchants see the benefits of the NQR payment option as well as getting them acquainted with the solution. The payment solution was promoted using the hashtag #PaySharpSharp.

Some celebrities were around to promote the brand. Actresses Mercy Johnson and Bisola Aiyeola were around to promote the solution, they also gave demonstrations on how merchants could use the service to receive payments.

People are embracing cashless options of payments as the days crawl by. These options are faster and more efficient to use, almost completely of middlemen, and are highly convenient. The NQR payment solution is fast, reliable, and seamless and has the potential of becoming the next big thing when it comes to payments between buyers and sellers. The NQR payment solution also guarantees more safety for both merchants and buyers. This is because it is less prone to fraud and instant.

The NIBSS still has more campaigns planned out. The goal is to replace other payment options and solutions with its NQR payment solution.

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