TikTok Appoints ByteDance’s CFO, Shou Zi Chew As New CEO

Video sharing platform TikTok has a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the person of Shou Zi Chew. Shou Zi Chew was named the new CEO of TikTok on Friday by the company. He holds the position of CFO at ByteDance; TikTok’s parent company. Vanessa Pappas, TikTok’s interim head was also announced as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Shou Zi Chew’s and Vanessa Pappas’ appointments are being described as a strategic reorganization by the company to optimize the company’s global teams. The company also revealed that this will support its growth and take the company to the next level as a business.

Shou Zi Chew is a Singaporean national based in Singapore and was named the CFO of ByteDance in March this year and not up to three months after, he gets appointed as the CEO of TikTok. Chew has quite an impressive portfolio. He was once the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Xiaomi from 2015 to 2020 and was in charge of the company’s international business wing for a year. Shou Zi Chew will continue to hold his position as the Chief Financial Official of ByteDance from Singapore where he is based.

Vanessa Pappas spent more than seven years at YouTube where she held the position of Head of Creative Insights before joining ByteDance in November 2018. She is known for her work ethics and ability to lead people in the workspace.

According to Zhang Yiming; the founder and CEO of parent company ByteDance, the appointments of Chew and Pappas will “set the stage for sustained growth”.  Regarding Chew’s new appointment, here’s what the CEO of ByteDance has to say. “He will add to the team, focusing on areas including corporate governance and long-term business initiatives”.

TikTok is one of the leading social media platforms across the globe and the company believes that it is ready for the next stage of growth with its newest appointments.

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