Tencent’s Timi Gaming Studio Generated $10 billion In 2020, Report Says

Timi Gaming Studio owned by Tencent Holdings generated $10 billion in 2020. Timi studios is the maker of well-known video games Call of Duty Mobile, and Honor of Kings. Many people have suspected Timi studios to be the biggest game developing company in the world, according to various sources; Timi Studios is now the biggest developer in the world after the $10 billion revenue it generated in 2020.

The studio has plans on transcending from mobile games into developing expensive ‘AAA’ titles on platforms such as desktop computers, Sony’s PlayStation, Nintendo’s Switch and Xbox by Microsoft. The figures for its 2020 revenue shows that the company will be able to compete with these other global brands in developing ‘AAA’ titles.

Last month, a Timi engineer put out a statement in a recruitment notice that the company aims at creating a new AAA game and that this game will be a virtual community just like what was featured in movies like Ready Player One, and that the company is ready for the competition with big competitors from Korea, Europe, Japan and the U.S.

It is Tencent’s goal to create original content with original intellectual property that will embraced by the world and to achieve this, it is building studios that includes one for Timi and one for Lightspeed and Quantum in Los Angeles. Tencent’s long-term goal is to get at least half its revenues from abroad.

Currently, Tencent has become the hotspot for many major studios that are seeking to convert their desktop or console games to mobile. Last week, the company reported overall online game revenue of $23.79 billion. This figure wasn’t broken down into how much each studio (which are run separately and individually) under it made.

Tencent which is making huge profits from paying games said last week that its online games revenue rose from 29 billion yuan to 39.1 billion yuan in the last quarter of 2020.

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