Twitter Blue Launches In Japan

Twitter has expanded its Twitter Blue subscription service in Japan, following the launch of the service in five countries last month. Prior to its launch in Japan, the Twitter Blue subscription service, when it was launched originally in 2021 and revamped by Elon Musk, was available only in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. 

As seen on its support page, Japanese users will be able to subscribe to the service for ¥980 ($7.40) per month on the web and ¥1,380 ($10.42) per month on iOS. Compared to how much the service costs in the US ($8 per month on the web and $11 per month on iOS), the prices are different in Japan by a tiny margin.

With Twitter Blue, users get to enjoy features like the blue verification badge, longer video uploads, priority ranking in conversation replies, a thread reader, custom icons and themes, and an edit tweet feature. Although Twitter Blue already gave users a handful of these features when it launched originally, features like the verification mark, an increased limit on video uploads, a boost in rankings, etc.

Twitter’s boss Elon Musk has been increasing efforts on the Twitter Blue subscription service as a way of reducing the company’s reliance on revenue from ads. The relaunched Twitter Blue service had been temporarily placed on hold after users started impersonating companies, brands, and famous individuals. 

Twitter has however taken the time and effort to put in new guidelines for its verification system and a way to differentiate between individuals, brands, and government bodies. For example, newly created accounts can only subscribe to the service after 90 days of being on the platform.

With over 50 million Twitter users in Japan, Twitter is in for a jolly journey and is out to increase its revenue from that stream.

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