Twitter Raises The Price Of Its Blue Service To $4.99 From $2.99

Twitter has announced plans to increase the subscription fee for its premium tier service called Twitter Blue. The increment will see the price rise to $4.99 from $2.99 per month. The company says that while new users will start to pay this new subscription fee with immediate effect, existing customers will start paying the new fee of $4.99 starting from October. The price change announcement came in an email Twitter sent to subscribers.

The new price fees are applicable to the US and other countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand. While it was previously 4.49 AUD in Australia, Blue users now have to pay a new fee of 6.99 AUD. Canadian users will see the fee go from 3.49 CAD to 6.49 CAD and users in New Zealand will begin to pay 6.49 NZD from a former fee of NZD 4.49.

Twitter Blue was first launched late last year in the US and New Zealand before it was eventually rolled out to users in Canada and Australia. The company rolled out the Blue service with the intention of diversifying income and giving users more usability for a small fee.

The Blue service gives Twitter users more features like the ability to undo tweets and makes changes within a specific period. Users also get to enjoy features like customized icons and navigation bar, NFT profile pictures, ad-free articles within the Twitter Blue Publisher network, etc.

In the email the company sent to subscribers, the company wrote that “This change helps us continue to build some of the features you’ve been asking for, improve upon the current ones you already love, and sustain our mission of supporting journalism.”

The decision has since been criticized by Twitter Blue users. Many of them think that the increment isn’t worth the features being offered to them. A small group thinks an edit button may justify the decision but even if Twitter was to make that possible, the edit feature will most likely not be an esoteric feature for paying subscribers.

Commenting on the price change, a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement that “At launch, we felt strongly about keeping the cost of the subscription as low as possible while we tested, learned, and gathered feedback. We’ve since refined the vision for this product, conducted significant research, introduced new enhancements with more in development, and as such we are updating pricing.”

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