Twitter Might Be Launching A Paid Subscription Service Soon

Twitter is arguably one of the biggest social media platforms out there with a monthly active user volume of 353 million. Twitter had earlier thrown intimations and later confirmed that it is testing a subscription-based model for its micro-blogging platform.

Popular app researcher; Jane Manchun Wong who provides people with information of incoming features of well-used apps has confirmed that Twitter may soon release a paid subscription model for the micro-blogging platform and that Twitter is calling it Twitter Blue.

According to her, this subscription-based feature will cost $2.99 per month and will offer users a better, more improved, and convenient experience that will be better than what they are used to. Twitter Blue, according to her, is, therefore, a premium service for users.

She revealed the name of the imminent feature and subscription rate via tweet. “Twitter is calling their upcoming subscription service ‘Twitter Blue’, priced at $2.99/month for now, including paid features like: Undo Tweets, Collections…”, her tweet read.

In another Tweet, she talked about Twitter’s Bookmark Collection, saying that it is exactly what users have been demanding but they will have to pay to be able to use it. “Twitter is working on Bookmark Collections aka the ‘folders in bookmark’ that lots of folks have asked for. She also shared accompanying images to the tweet that shed more light on what her tweet meant.

She also revealed that Twitter is working on this feature and it is still prone to changes. “Twitter Blue screenshot is a work-in-progress and not final. Things like the name, pricing, feature set, etc., may change ahead of official launch. But I’m sure the feature set will grow as time grows”, she tweeted.

Twitter has not said anything to prove that a paid service is on the way but there are more than enough reasons to believe that it is really on the way. Wong is known for posting updates about apps that eventually materialize, and last year Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey threw intimations that the company might ask users to pay for some features on its micro-blogging platform.

Twitter has been working on series of features to improve its platform. The company recently announced that users will no longer have to crop images that they want to post; pictures can be posted in their original file size. The micro-blogging platform also recently revealed that its clubhouse-like feature called Space can be hosted by users that have at least 600 followers and that there are plans to pay creators who use the feature.

Twitter has been cooking and serving series of improvements and interesting features, so it only makes sense that users pay to get a taste of these mouth-watering features.

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