Twitter Is Including The Ability To Add Stickers While Creating A Fleet

Twitter is one of the biggest micro-blogging platforms in the world and provides a lot of fun options that help users stay entertained at all times. Twitter recently launched its ‘Fleets’ feature; with this feature, users can share pictures and videos that last for the period of twenty-four hours. Twitter’s Fleets feature is completely identical with Instagram and Snapchat Stories feature. Twitter is including the ability to add stickers while creating a Fleet.

Users will be able to include stickers in their pictures and short videos while making a Fleet. This can be done by tapping on the emoji icon that exists at the bottom row of your screen. A collection of animated stickers indigenous to and made by Twitter appears after the emoji icon gets tapped. Not only does Twitter provide original stickers and emoji that can be added while creating a Fleet, Twitter will allow users be able to search more stickers by typing what they are looking for at the top of their screens. Twitter will pull up GIFs sourced from Tenor and Facebook’s Giphy in the search results of users.

The new update was announced via tweet. Twitter tweeted a short video with the caption ‘Your Fleets just got upgraded’.

This new upgrade will therefore give users the opportunity to express themselves using stickers which have become the order of the day, says what is intended better than emojis and save users the stress of typing long messages. This new feature is available on devices that run on both Android and iOS. All users need to do is tap on the smiling face emoji that is displayed at the bottom of their screens and they are good to go.

Twitter is all about making the experience of users worthwhile, safe and meaningful. Recently it launched the use of security keys as the only authentication method, and revealed that users can enroll for multiple hardware security keys for logging in.

Since its inception in March 2006, Twitter has continued to grow and become better and has also made sure that users have the best experience while on the platform.

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