Twitter To Roll Out Multicolor Verification Checks Next Week

Twitter’s boss Elon Musk says the company will be launching a new multi-colored verification system next week. This announcement follows the failure of the paid blue verification check

Under the new check system, companies will get a gold checkmark, government officials will have a grey one, and individuals who are celebrities or not will have a blue check mark. In other words, individuals who pay for the Twitter blue $8 monthly plan will get a blue checkmark like celebrities. 

The reason why the Twitter Blue subscription service was suspended was because of the high rate of impersonation following its launch. How does Elon Musk plan to prevent this from happening again? The Twitter CEO says the company plans on running verifications before approving the blue tick. For subscribers that have already paid for the service, Elon Musk said the company will manually verify before the new verification system goes live. This creates quite a dilemma for the already reduced workforce who will face the pressure of verifying people manually to prevent impersonations and spam from happening. 

The Twitter boss also added that individuals can include a second tiny logo to let people know that they are a part of a verified organization. This organization will have to verify that these individuals are a member or work with them before they can have this logo. 

Elon Musk failed to mention if the new verification scheme will be available at the same time as the Twitter Blue service relaunch. It is, however, to be expected that the company will place a focus on existing verified accounts, companies/brands, government officials, and not paid subscribers, at least for now…

Twitter also updated its Twitter Blue policy with the aim of stopping spam and fake accounts. Newly created accounts have to wait for at least 90 days before they can subscribe to Twitter Blue. 

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