Twitter May Be Launching An “Undo Tweet” Feature Soon

Few days ago, Jane Manchun Wong shared some intriguing screenshots about a new feature in the Twitter app that may come soon. The screenshots shared by Reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, indicated that Twitter may soon bring a new ‘Undo Tweet’ feature to the app. Wong has been in the business of bringing to the light unapparent features on Twitter that have not been fully launched, but rather still undergoing beta testing. Wong also made a tacit suggestion that Twitter is bringing a subscription plan alongside the new ‘Undo Tweet’ feature, and that only subscribed users will be able to use the ‘Undo Tweet’ feature. This feature will be similar to the undo feature on Gmail that lets user’s confirm that they didn’t spell a word correctly, for example, “yours” as “your’s”, among other things.

The new ‘Undo Tweet’ feature will allow users to undo their tweets that have a typo or some other error, but within a limited period of time. This new feature could be Twitter’s response to the highly-demanded edit option that it has failed to provide on the app. It could also be a measure to convince people to subscribe to Twitter at a certain amount of regular charge (as the ‘Undo Tweet’ feature is only available to paid subscribers).

When confirmed, and when launched, the new ‘Undo Tweet’ feature will be among those options monetised on the platform. In February 2021 Twitter brought a new ‘Super Follow’ feature which allows users to get paid for tweeting. Also, users could be reminded about Twitter’s recent newsletter service, following Revue acquisition. These show that the microblogging and social networking app has only been getting closer to bringing a subscription model.

This new Twitter’s feature to be is not an edit button, but it is nevertheless better than nothing. Users will be able to recall their sent tweets and make the changes that they want to make. A matter of concern is the need to be a paid subscriber to enjoy the new options on the app, and presently it cannot be ascertained user’s reaction to these new options. But time will tell, right?

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