Uber Becomes An AI Company With New Acquisition

Uber acquired an artificial intelligence startup Geometric Intelligence recently and has decided to absorb all 15 people who work at the startup. Just as the announcement was made, Uber also unveiled its Uber AI Labs which is a new research arm of the company that will focus on improving its self-driving cars operation as well other areas like food delivery. This new lab will be run by the newly acquired startup.

Geometric Intelligence was founded in October 2014 by three professors and one graduate student namely; Gary Marcus who is  a cognitive scientist from New York University, Zoubin Ghahramaniis  a professor of machine learning at University of Cambridge, Kenneth Stanley is  a professor of computer science at the University of Central Florida and Douglas Bemis, a recent NYU graduate with a PhD in neurolinguistics.

Reports have it that Gary Marcus will now head the new lab in his capacity also as an Uber director and this means that the new team would likely work from San Francisco in California and by implication, most of the academics may have to move thereby reducing their active roles in their various institutions.

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