E-taxi platform Univasa Launches In Port Harcourt To Take On Uber And Bolt

A new e-taxi platform has launched in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and it’s name is Univasa. The e-taxi platform was launched by Univasa Nigeria Limited a few days ago on the 2nd of March, 2021. This new development is meant to change the transportation space in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. Univasa Nigeria Limited is an IT company and its ride-hailing service is one of its long list of products and services the company has in store. Of course, the company is a local company and started in Nigeria.

During the launch which doubled as a round table discussion with stakeholders held at the Emmanuel Centre in Rumuigbo, the company revealed that while the service is starting in Port Harcourt in Rivers state (and hopes to expand to other parts of the state), it has plans on launching in Lagos and Edo states. The company is committed to ensuring that rides are safe for both the passengers and the drivers and this is why the ride-hailing app has been designed with a plethora of features that ensure that this is possible. This is what the company’s CEO; Dr. Ben Adeniyi had to say, ‘at Univasa, we want to change the transportation industry, and we are committed to using technology and innovation to drive this sector. And that is what has formed this day’s expansion and we are still moving. We are looking forward to partnerships that will create jobs, provide security and safety when it comes to transportation and we are not backing out from this quest’. This statement by the company’s CEO made the drivers present at the launch happy. This was because of the new opportunity to provide services for people in the city while doing it in a technology-driven way.

Univasa also has plans of launching in Ibadan and Abuja within weeks and hopes to compete with well-established ride-hailing platforms like Uber and Bolt as well as become a household name in the shortest possible time.

You can find the ride-hailing service’s app on both Google Play Store and the iOS app store by searching ‘Univasa’. There is the ‘provider’ app for drivers and ‘user’ app for users.

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