Viral Hit Squid Game Will Be Worth Up To $900 Million, Netflix Estimates

Streaming service Netflix estimates its viral movie series Squid Game will be worth up to $900 million. The streaming service made this estimation based on recent figures from Bloomberg. Squid Game is undoubtedly Netflix’s biggest movie series, generating as much as 111 million views in less than a month of being released. Squid Game beat the record previously held by “Bridgerton”, which has about 82 million views within that same time span.

As of now, the movie series has garnered over 130 million views and the company believes that the number will still increase before the numbers take a break. The South Korean movie series cost $21.4 million to produce (about $2.4 million for an episode) and has generated $891.1 million in impact value. These figures are for the first season and are based on a document that entails Netflix’s performance metrics for the movie series.

Details from the documents show that Squid Game is a hugely successful show and might just be the world’s biggest movie series. The document shared by Netflix shows only selected data that Netflix decided to share. In a letter, the streaming giant’s attorney told Bloomberg that it would be inappropriate for the latter to share these confidential information. “Netflix does not discuss these metrics outside the company and takes significant steps to protect them from disclosure”, the Netflix attorney said.

Squid Game is a story about adults in huge debts brought together to play children games with a twist. Losers are killed in the game and only one player gets to go home with the grand price worth billions of won.

Squid Game, although it has been seen by virtually everyone, continues to break new records and create even more buzz. In real-life, competitions are being held based on the movie series only that players do not get to die.

Squid Game is on track to being worth up to $900 million dollars as already, it has generated $891.1 million.

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