Vodafone Partners With Google Cloud For Data Analytics

The need for data analytics keeps rising. Just recently, Coinbase purchased Data Analytics Company, Skew. Coinbase acquiring Skew will provide the company with lots of benefits. Some of these advantages include that Coinbase will now be able to give actionable data analytics to institutions and traders in real-time, enhance the company’s offering, help investors make more informed trading decisions, etc.

While the number of companies needing the services of a data analytics firm continues to increase, not all companies might be able to buy a data analytics firm at the moment or be willing to do so. In this case, a partnership might just be what is needed. This is exactly what Vodafone has done by partnering with Google Cloud.

Vodafone announced that it has entered into a partnership with Alphabet’s Google Cloud to jointly develop data services. For the joint operation of creating a new cloud-based storage and analytics portal to hold Vodafone’s data, the services of at least one thousand workers across the United States, Britain and Spain will be employed. The new cloud-based storage and analytics portal is called “Nucleus” and according to the mobile operator, Nucleus will be able to process nothing less than 50 terabytes of data within the cloud every day.

According to the statement released, both companies “will drive the use of reliable and secure data analytics, insights, and learnings to support the introduction of new digital products and services for Vodafone customers simultaneously worldwide”.

Financial Times first reported the news on Sunday and according to Reuters, Google had refused to give any comment regarding the development.

“As part of the six-year agreement, both companies will also develop a system called ‘Dynamo’, which can extract and transport data across different countries where the British-based telecom company operates”, Reuters reported.

Financial Times reported that the two companies plan on selling consultancy services to multinational companies that are interested in moving huge amounts of data to the cloud in the future.

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