WhatsApp Adds New ‘Mute Video’ Feature For Android

WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging platform with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. Over the years, the parent company; Facebook have included series of features to make the app better and convenient for messaging. Some of the features that have been added over time include; status update- with these users can share texts, pictures and videos for a period of 24 hours, chat wallpaper, dark theme mode, etc. WhatsApp is all about improving the experience of its users and making sure that they are left feeling satisfied.

WhatsApp recently released a beta version and, in this version, (that’ll be available as the app’s next update), a new feature was introduced. This new feature is called the ‘mute video’ option and for now, it is only available for Android.

The mute video option will allow users to share videos to their status and with their contacts without the audio. This way, users can send videos without the sound accompanying it.

WhatsApp recently updated it’s privacy policy. This new policy will take effect from the 15th of May and will enable the company to cross-share analytics among its apps (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp). This new update has sparked a lot of controversies especially in India where the Government has come up with an alternative to the messaging app called Sandes. Other messaging apps like Telegram have become more popular after the controversy that sparked following WhatsApp’s privacy policy update announcement.

The new WhatsApp feature was first spotted by WeBetaInfo, a platform that keeps track of WhatsApp and its improvements.

The new ‘mute video’ feature is set to join the other creative tools that WhatsApp has in-app. Users can use these tools to create engaging and amazing posts. For now, nothing has been said about when this feature will be included on iOS devices. This beats the norm of iOS devices getting new features first before their Android counterparts. The feature will be available on Android soon.

A tweet from WhatsApp described the new video feature as ‘for your eyes, not your ears’.

You can also check out what will happen to your WhatsApp account if you refuse to accept the new privacy policy by clicking here.

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