WhatsApp Users Will Be Given The Ability To Move Chats Between Devices

Instant messaging app WhatsApp will enable users to be able to move their chat history from one device to another with a feature that is coming soon. Everyone knows what it’s like to lose one’s chat history when switching to an iPhone from an Android device. Although WhatsApp allows its users using Android devices to back up their chats using their Google accounts while those using iPhones backup their chats using iCloud, WhatsApp does not accommodate the ability to move these backed up chats between devices. In fact, WhatsApp clearly states that users cannot move chats between an Android and iPhone device on its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. But this might be about to change.

According to a report put out by WABetaInfo; a reliable source for information about WhatsApp, upcoming updates and new features, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will make it possible for chats to be shared between an Android and Apple device, and will soon release the feature.

According to the report shared by WABetaInfo, this soon-to-be update will tackle the impossibility of sharing chat history between an Android and Apple device. WABetaInfo also shared a screenshot of what the feature will look like. The screenshot looked like WhatsApp from an iOS device and has an option of ‘move chats to Android’ displayed.

The reports revealed that “when the user tries to link a device having a different operating system to his WhatsApp account, it’s always needed  to update to the latest WhatsApp update available on the App Store or TestFlight, in order to avoid any compatibility error with the Android version”

Of course, there is no date out yet for when this feature will be available but according to the same report that stated that “even if it doesn’t seem like that, WhatsApp is giving a lot of priority for this feature that will allow you to use your WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time. The development of the features takes a long time because it will totally change your experience on WhatsApp, and a lot of things have been rewritten in order to be compatible with multiple devices”, it should be rolled out with the support that will enable users be able to use the same WhatsApp account on more than one device and the report suggested that this should happen soon.

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