WhatsApp Rolls Out New Feature Called ‘Message Yourself’ That’ll Let Users Send Messages To Themselves

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp is announcing the rollout of a new feature that lets users send messages to themselves. Called “Message Yourself,” this new feature will allow users to chat with themselves; users can send texts, voice notes, reminders, and even shopping lists to themselves. This way, they can keep pieces of information and easily access it without having to send them to someone and save them as starred messages or use the workaround ‘click to chat’ feature. 

According to Meta’s Monday announcement, the new feature which has already begun to roll out globally will be available to all Android and iPhone users in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, this feature has already been beta tested, according to information provided by WABetainfo in October. 

Users’ contacts will be displayed at the top of their contact list and can easily click on it to create a chat. Users can also pin this chat, making them a priority on that list. This way, they can easily send messages to themselves., and find their contact in an avalanche of chats. 

Other instant messaging platforms already have similar features on their platforms. Telegram, for example, has a similar feature called Saved Messages. With this feature, users can bookmark important messages, save notes and add reminders that can be accessed anytime. Once saved, these messages are displayed on the top of users’ chats. Users need to, however, tap the hamburger menu on Android or use the settings menu on iOS to use this feature, unlike WhatsApp’s which is a ready-to-use feature. 

Signal, another WhatsApp rival, has a similar feature that is called ‘Note to Self’ with which users can create messages for their personal use. Unlike WhatsApp, users’ chats are not accessible from the top of their chat list. Like any other chat, they’d need to either scroll up or search to find it using the keyword ‘Note to Self.”

Community platform Slack has a dedicated space for users to send notes to themselves. This feature is called ‘Jot Something Down.”

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